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Daniel Thioune revives Hamburg’s Bundesliga ambition

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Hamburg or HSV is a club of history and ambition. Unfortunately, they’ve been playing in the second Bundesliga division for the third year in a row. Currently in this 2020/2021 season, there is a wind of change-enter new coach Daniel Thioune. Under Thioune’s self assured tutelage, Hamburg is a potential candidate for division one, if they continue their conquest with zeal like in the last 6 games. They are unstoppable because Thioune invokes a winning mentality in the players.

In the last game, a derby against St. Pauli that ended in a 2-2 draw, Hamburg proved to pundits that they can fight back from a goal deficit. And it is not the first time. In the game against Wuerzburg kickers, Hamburg trailed by a goal, and changed the game in the second half. They won 3-1.

What is the recipe for Thioune’s success in Hamburg?

Daniel Thioune’s tactical chaos

Hamburg no longer play the standard 4-3-3 system that became static under ex coach Dieter Hecking. Thioune’s match plan is erratic and changes like the weather. It leads to unpredictability and lies the strength of the team. Because the players are busy breaking predictable patterns and style all the time.

The only constant in Hamburg’s formation is the prolific Simon Terodde in attack and Sven Ulreich in goal.

Thioune justifies his tactical chaos, “I keep emphasizing that HSV must adapt to the league, this also means that you have to adapt to your opponent. This team has an open mind and implements the match plan well,”.

In his self-deprecating manner, Thioune admits, “I have already emphasized that I am not reinventing myself and football. I want to offer solutions and work less on problems. And this is what the team manages – it adapts,”.

Young players given a chance

Thioune gives young players a chance to work their way up in the team. The result speaks for itself. There is 19 years old Amadou Onana, midfield player, who continue to improve with every game. 21 years old Manuel Wintzheimer a striker with two goals and two assists, 19 year’s old right fullback, Josha Vagnoman or 21 years old centre back Stephan Ambrosius.

The young players have a common denominator: they grabbed their chances and there is no turning back.

The chemistry of youth and ambition makes the new Hamburg a potent force in the second division. If the nascent success does not get into the heads of the players, or the drama in Hamburg’s management with sports director, Jonas Boldt does not spiral out of control, then Hamburg is back to the glorious era. 

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