Hamburg in decline as they lose derby against st. Pauli

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The clock in Hamburg stopped ticking to show how long they’ve been in the Bundesliga after their relegation years ago, but in the hearts and minds of officials and fans, there is a clock still ticking to know when Hamburg will return to the top flight. The heat is on. Week after week, coach Daniel Thioune has to face prospects of history repeating itself. The scenario is a case of sink or swim.

In the derby against St. Pauli, they lost vital points, and left a comfortable lead at the top of the second division. What happened to Daniel Thioune’s improvements at the incipient stages of the season to revive Hamburg’s Bundesliga ambition?

Individual mistakes

In football, just like in life, people make mistakes, but it appears, the players have failed to reduce mistakes to the barest minimum. There have been a series of atrocious defending and poor timing.

It is no surprise that they’ve not won four matches in a row and have only six points from six games in the second half of the season.

Mindset problem

Hamburg is a team with tradition. The players and officials are under immense pressure to perform excellently. It adds undue attention to every mishap. If there is not a boardroom drama, then it’s on the pitch.

Interestingly, Hamburg lost the derby last season to St. Pauli on game 23 by two goals, and they finished fourth.

Sven Ulreich’s wise words are important at the moment, “We must not now grumble that the previous season is repeating itself. Soccer differs from year to year and sometimes inexplicable.”

Equally important is the tone and demeanour of Thioune, “Ultimately, it is also a tremendous opportunity to show a reaction. We will present ourselves again and in the end we will settle it.”

The next games are decisive

It is one thing to say all the right words, but the players cannot convey that on the pitch. However, Thioune is speaking from experience. Hamburg started this season with five games played without victory. And the feeling of doom and gloom permeated until things changed.

If the team is serious about promotion to the Bundesliga, then they need to get back to winning ways. It is time to re-write history.

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