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Bundesliga Weekly vol.21: Will Oliver Glasner stay or go?

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Oliver Glasner is circumspect about his future with Wolfsburg, Daniel Thioune’s mission unaccomplished, and Peter Gulacsi extends contract.

Wolfsburg are on the verge of qualifying for the Champions league if all goes well. It would be the highlight of the season under the guidance of coach Oliver Glasner. However, there is the never ending rumor about the future of Glasner in Wolfsburg.

The rumor mill has some potency with Glasner avoiding to commit or signal his intention of fulfilling his contract until 2022.

According to Wolfsburger Allgemeine, there are three options for Glasner and Wolfsburg. The first option is Wolfsburg sacking Glasner but the severance pay is around two million Euro for Glasner. The second option is amicable contract dissolution where Glasner activates the exit clause in his contract and Wolfsburg paid five million Euro. The third option is amicable settlement without money changing hands.

Glasner and managing director, Jörg Schmadtke have a rocky relationship. The mission of grabbing a Champions league position trumps other concerns for both at the moment.

Glasner has until May 15th to activate the exit clause in his contract. Until then, it’s business as usual- circumspect with words.

Daniel Thioune’s mission unaccomplished in Hamburg

Daniel Thioune sacked by Hamburg this week after a series of draws and may have scuppered the ambition of Hamburg to return to the Bundesliga.

16 points from 14 games is a dismal result. Thioune’s analysis of the reason his mission was unfulfilled, “after the good first half of the season, we all hoped that this would be the case this season. Development comes with patience and a tolerance for setbacks. As a result, it’s more of an unfulfilled mission.” Sadly, Hamburg ran out of patience and he had to go.

Peter Gulacsi extends contract

Peter Gulacsi extends contract with RB Leipzig until 2025. Gulacsi is a sensational goalkeeper and a privilege to have in the Bundesliga.

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