Bundesliga clubs campaign against blood cancer

Bundesliga Weekly vol.19:Bundesliga clubs campaign against blood cancer

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Bundesliga clubs campaign against blood cancer, differences between Hasan Salihamidzic and Hansi Flick, Hamburg’s coach explain his rituals.

Blood cancer can affect anybody, and to sensitize the public about ways to help sufferers, 22 Bundesliga clubs have started a campaign against the disease. In a video message, the clubs call on players and fans for a potential stem cell donor to register with German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS).

The initiative for the campaign started from second Bundesliga team Fürth, where fans urged for a commitment of the team to raise awareness.

Stefano Ridolfo, spokesperson for corporate social responsibility, Fürth, said, “with this campaign we want to signal how important solidarity and mutual support are – especially now in the Corona pandemic. If we can cause even one donor to come out of this campaign and save someone’s life with his stem cells, then we have already achieved great things.”

It is a welcome relief that despite the tense relationship between fans and players during the pandemic, there is still synergy to fight a cause.

Hasan Salihamidzic and Hansi Flick- the never-ending story

This week all the media channels reported about the differences between chief sports officer of Bayern Munich, Hasan Salihamidzic and coach, Hansi Flick.

I thought they resolved their differences not so long ago? We are witnessing a continuation from where they stopped weeks ago. The latest beef is the exit of Jerome Boateng after the season and the timing of the announcement shortly before the Champions league match with PSG.

In an environment of constant hostilities between both of them, something must give eventually. We’ve not heard the last word on the issue (s) yet.

Daniel Thioune’s rituals

Hamburg’s coach Daniel Thioune has a mission to bring the team back to the Bundesliga. On close observation, he wears different game clothes when the team plays at home or away. Away is black and at home-grey or Hamburg colors.

He said in Bild, “there are one or two rituals on my side. A few hours before the game, I discuss with my family. Then there are encouraging words on the phone or by text.”

Thioune has his form of superstition, too. He is not alone. Back in the day, other coaches had theirs.