Bundesliga Weekly vol 9:Bundesliga managers decline special treatment for COVID-19 vaccine

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Bundesliga managers decline special treatment for COVID-19, Schalke turndown ‘help’ from Clemens Tönnies, and Bo Svensson is the new coach of Mainz.

Bundesliga managers decline special treatment for the COVID-19 vaccine

Despite the ravaging effects of COVID-19, Bundesliga still exists as a business, while the average Joe is unemployed or fighting a losing battle to make ends meet. It is business as usual for the players and coaches.

The fact is not lost on a pool of coaches in the Bundesliga, who disavow special treatment for the COVID-19 vaccine. Many feel privileged to ply their trade amid COVID-19 and as a mark of solidarity want the vulnerable population vaccinated first.

In a report from Sportschau, the following coaches made the following comments:

Heiko Herrlich: “It makes little sense for soccer to be pushy. We are at the back and that’s absolutely right. Now it’s the old people’s turn first, then the nursing staff and the doctors, which makes sense. When the time comes, we’ll be informed.”

Sebastian Hoeneß: “It’s not our turn until it’s the turn of people who need it more than we do. That’s why I expect it to take a while – and I don’t want any special treatment either. We have our hygiene concept, which we simply have to continue to follow through conscientiously.”

The DFL does not have new guidelines about the vaccine yet.

Schalke turndown Clemens Tönnies’ ‘help’

Schalke is in a free fall. The results on the pitch and in spreadsheets are not good. They need money to shore up the team during the winter transfer season, and maybe license for division two.

Enter the billionaire Clemens Tönnies, who offered to lend a helping hand. However, the ex supervisory board chairperson is a polarizing figure in the club. They criticized his business practice of lending Schalke money. Also, not too long ago, Tönnies made some racist comments about Africa. Tönnies quit Schalke after scandals from his slaughter business almost spiralled out of control. And he had to face other pressing challenges.

This time, he offered to help financially with a caveat: If the supervisory board and board managers agree unanimously for his largesse.

The head of the supervisory board, Jens Buchta, reported the state of things in Schalke’s website, “the Supervisory Board agreed by a large majority to accept the offer and enter talks, although not with the unanimity demanded by Clemens Tönnies.”

WDR explained that two members were against Tönnies help. The result is no deal.

As Schalke tries to re-define itself post-Tönnies era. The tradition club needs some soul searching to discover the heart beat of Gelsenkirchen, again.

Bo Svensson presented as Mainz coach

This week, Mainz presented Bo Svensson as the new coach to continue the ‘Mainz playing style’. Svensson is following the tradition of his predecessors like Jürgen Klopp, Thomas Tüchel or Martin Schmidt who are ex coaches for Mainz.

Christian Heidel, board member for Strategy, Sports and Communications in Mainz thinks Svensson needs no introduction about Mainz’s philosophy, and he stamped his approval for Svensson calling him “outstanding quality”.

Mainz’s tradition of looking inwards for coach replacements without breaking the bank began under the leadership of Christian Heidel way back.

Svensson has a herculean task to stabilize the team and avoid relegation. The next important games are Frankfurt, Dortmund, Wolfsburg and Leipzig.

Mainz want a long-term project with Svensson, and his contract is valid for first and second Bundesliga.

Welcome, Svensson!