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Jens Lehmann fired for racist post

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Jens Lehmann posted a ‘private’ WhatsApp message where he questioned if Dennis Aogo, ex-German national team player, and Sky expert, is a representative of the black quota?

Apparently, Lehmann’s faux pas message found its way to Aogo, who published a screenshot in his Instagram story with the observation, “Wow are you serious? The message was not meant for me!!!”

Lehmann’s damage control is despicable

Lehmann has requested Aogo to forgive him if his comments came across as disrespectful. Lehmann said in Bild “It was not meant that way at all, but positively, because as a ‘Sky’ expert he is knowledgeable and very strong in his appearance. And therefore also increases the quota. That’s what I wanted to say, but was expressed poorly by me.”

Lehmann’s apology is a poor attempt at damage control. If you read the meaning very well, his original intention is to reduce Aogo’s stellar performance as a football pundit to his race as a black German. Is that right? Should race rear its ugly head when blacks are trying to enter a predominately white establishment?

Lehmann relieved of his duty

Lehmann, who is in the supervisory board of Hertha BSC and represents the interests of investor Lars Windhorst, has been relieved of his duty. Spokesperson for Windhorst, Andreas Fritzenkötter told German news agency, dpa, “Jens Lehmann is no longer an advisor”

Bundesliga needs diversity

There is the consensus that the Bundesliga managerial positions are a white only establishment. Recently, there were calls for instituting black quota to represent diversity.

I believe for diversity to be entrenched in the Bundesliga, we should access the expert on competence, not on color. There are enough people of color who can fill many positions with class.

However, there is the unwritten rule that we do not give blacks the benefit of doubt. Most times, the color of the skin gets in the way.

As blacks become pundits on German television, maybe the stereotype will fade with time. In the interim, Jens Lehmann’s ‘private’ message confirms a pattern, and it’s not good.