Stuttgart womwn team founded

Bundesliga Weekly vol.23: Stuttgart found women football department

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Stuttgart founds women department, Mark van Bommel appointed as new Wolfsburg coach, cartel office criticizes 50+1 rule.

Stuttgart has embraced the signs of time and agreed to establish women department from 2022 to 2023 season. It is a paradigm shift after 127 years.

To form the department, Stuttgart will cooperate with VfB Obertürkheim. Under the framework of cooperation, Stuttgart will assist Obertürkheim with training and playing materials, finance and know how.

Stuttgart president Claus Vogt, who is running for re-election, summed it all this way, “This is a historic step for our Stuttgart and its further development. For over 15 years, there were talks and plans. Now we have taken action and expanded the club. We are very proud of it.”

Vogt believes women department is a social responsibility of a professional club.

Stuttgart will join other teams like Dortmund, and Schalke who founded a women’s department recently.

Mark van Bommel appointed new coach of Wolfsburg

After weeks of speculation, Oliver Glasner leaves for Frankfurt and Mark van Bommel takes his place.

Mark van Bommel signs a two-year contract with Wolfsburg. Van Bommel is an ex Bayern Munich player with class. His nascent career as coach has not been stellar, but he could do wonders in Wolfsburg.

Jörg Schmadtke, managing director of Wolfsburg, believes in van Bommel, because:” he is an internationally recognized football tactician and knows what to expect in the Bundesliga. He also has enormous ambition, which has already distinguished him in his long playing career.”

In the annals of Wolfsburg, van Bommel is the third Dutch Dutch coach after Henk van Meteren, and Andries Jonker.

Cartel office criticizes exceptions in 50+1 rule

The cartel office has weighed in an issue that polarizes Bundesliga fans- 50+1 rule. The 50+1 rule at its core limits investors from complete country of a Bundesliga club, but in practice there are exceptions like Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, Hoffenheim and Leipzig.

The exception to the rule is when a company or investor has provided uninterrupted and substantial support for over 20 years.

The cartel office opines that the exceptions hinder equal opportunities for teams.

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