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Bundesliga Weekly Vol.14:Phillip Lahm advise footballers against coming-out

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Phillip Lahm is an influential figure in German football. Lahm’s comment on issues about the beautiful game through interviews or thought in books reinforces societal dynamics. In his latest book in German titled, Das Spiel. Die Welt des Fußballs, literally translated in English means, The game. The world of football, Lahm opposes the idea of footballers coming out of the closet, because of low acceptance of homosexuals in football and society.

Lahm mentioned tolerant teams in the Bundesliga like Berlin, St. Pauli or Freiburg, but cautioned that the risk of coming-out will not be unscathed.

In contrast to 11 Freunde‘s article for tolerance, and solidarity among players show that there is a wind of change.

I welcome the opinion from Zeit that criticizes the old boys’ network of football that is strategically homophobic. Is it strange that female footballers who are lesbians do not have to go through the stress of living a double life like male footballers?

In 2021, sexual orientation does not have to be an issue in the Bundesliga. There has to be courage and long-term fundamental change in the hearts and minds of officials and fans. Empty rhetoric and image laundry campaigns are not enough.

Eintracht Frankfurt sports director to stepdown at the end of the season

The current Sports director of Eintracht Frankfurt, Bruno Hübner is to stepdown in June after 10 years with the team. It is the end of an era. Under his reign, Frankfurt has become a major player in the Bundesliga. Hübner is leaving Frankfurt on mutual consent.

Hübner looks forward to his new role as grandfather and wants to spend his time with family.

David Alaba: “Money was not a factor.”

David Alaba has finally addressed the press to end weeks of speculation and a heinous campaign to discredit his motives. The news is, Alaba is leaving Bayern for an unknown team. “I have decided to leave Bayern at the end of this season and try something new. It obviously wasn’t an easy decision – I’ve been here for 13 years and the club means a lot to me.”

Alaba claims he needs a new challenge, and to leave his comfort zone, “I am a player who wants to develop every year, who wants to gain experience. I want to get out of my comfort zone after the season and take the next step.”

Alaba reiterated that money was not a factor in his decision making.

Now that the contentious issue has been cleared, the focus should be on his performance on the pitch for his remaining matches for Bayern.

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