Pal Dardai

Bundesliga Weekly vol.12: Pal Dardai must deliver

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Pal Dardai is the “new” old coach of Hertha Berlin. Dardai’s agenda is to renew the mindset, discord in Stuttgart continues, and Neven Subotic’s modesty is exemplary.

Pal Dardai is the “new” old coach of Hertha Berlin. Dardai’s agenda is to renew the mindset of an individually talented team towards a cohesive unit.

Can he deliver? It depends on so many variables, like the ability to stabilize the defense and reducing individual mistakes. The good news is they are within Dardai’s remit. He understands the DNA of Hertha and it is familiar territory.

The telltale signs of any improvement in the coming weeks depend on goal conversion from chances created and increasing friction for the opponents to score.

According to Kicker, Dardai has a contract clause on performance before consideration as coach for the 2021/2022 season. He needs 1.5 points per game in the next 16 games.

Therefore, the ball is in Dardai’s court to capture the dressing room with his charming smile and tactical astuteness.

Discord in Stuttgart continues

I reported about the clash of egos and direction in Stuttgart leading to the highly contested post of president. This week, Claus Vogt, president of Stuttgart, postponed the general meeting slated for March to September.

The postponement and reactions from divided camps about the issues that affects Stuttgart, paints a picture of disunity.

The progress made in Stuttgart stands the chance of erasure, if there is no end to accusations and counteraccusations.

Neven Subotic a player with a humanitarian flair

Some players enjoy the materialistic benefits that the sport offers as professionals. But Neven Subotic has abandoned all trappings of luxury.

In his self-deprecating manner, Subotic explains in the video his purpose and mission geared towards a meaningful life. Also, his humble beginning in Bosnia through Germany and arriving in the USA.

Subotic has a foundation with a mission to ease the lives of people in developing countries. Take, for example, the fountain constructed in an Ethiopian village.

Subotic spends his time between playing football and doing good. We need more players of his calibre.