Bakery Jatta

Bundesliga Weekly vol.11:The witch hunt for Bakery Jatta’s identity

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The witch hunt for Bakery Jatta’s identity, Bruno Labbadia’s job is shaky at Hertha, and did Breel Embolo turn to Spiderman in Essen?

The witch hunt for Bakery Jatta’s identity

The identity of Bakery Jatta, who came to Germany in 2015, continues to attract attention in the media. Jatta faces accusation from the yellow press of forging his identity. They claim his actual name is Bakary Daffeh. Like I wrote a while back, Jatta is not a fake!.

To provide scientific evidence of his actual identity, prosecutors in Hamburg have ordered an expert report from Anthropological biology of the University of Freiburg. They will compare the video movements of Jatta and the so called Daffeh. Mind you, it is the second time the prosecutors have ordered expert analysis in the case.

Police raided Jatta’s apartment last year, looking for clues to confirm the erroneous suspicion.

I hope the witch hunt ends soon. Because it’s a waste of time, energy and money. Compliments to Hamburg team for accepting Jatta for what he is without letting the cloud of suspicion get in the way. Despite the headache from prosecutors and media, Jatta continues to shine his light on the field.

Jatta, keep your head up.

Bruno Labbadia’s job is shaky at Hertha Berlin

The wind of change Bruno Labbadia brought to Hertha Berlin since he took over the reins as coach has disappeared. In their last match, Hertha lost to Werder Bremen in Berlin 1-4. Labbadia admitted his arguments are running out.

Before the match began, there was a protest by fans, who are angry at Sports director, Michael Preetz and president, Werner Gegenbauer for mismanagement and the dismal state of affairs.

Hertha likes to pride themselves as a big club with a big stadium, but they watch every week as their dreams of prestige, and even playing in the Champions league fade away. To get a champions league spot and attract world stars to feature in Olympic stadium in Berlin, they need a good Bundesliga spot. There is a disparity between wishes and reality.

Hertha is without a soul or structure. The self-esteem of the players is at its lowest at the moment. The problems in Hertha did not happen overnight. Rather, it’s been a series of consistently wrong investments. The 374 million Euro from investor Lars Windhorst has amounted to nothing.

Expect Labbadia’s sack soon.

Did Breel Embolo turn to Spiderman in Essen?

I highlighted the discrepancy in the stories of media reports and Embolo’s take on what happened in Essen. The new angle- escaping through the roof to another apartment! Did Embolo turn to Spiderman overnight? Everybody is making a mountain from a molehill.

The good news is Embolo passed two COVID tests before he re-joined the team. He did not put his teammates in harm’s way. I hope Embolo has learned lessons from the night in Essen.