Unstable Hamburg face criticism from Günter Netzer.

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The Bundesliga has not started but Hamburg is already facing the heat. They have lost 4 test matches in 5 games, and the latest being the 0-4 loss to second division,Dynamo Dresden.

Hamburg is a team with tradition. One expects the club to have done their home work properly. It is no surprise that Günter Netzer is disappointed that the club has wasted time to improve the fortunes of the team.Netzer was the sports director from 1978 till 1986.Netzer wonders why the club failed to qualify for the European league. Adding, “it is not good because they have wonderful pre-requisites that was not there before. They have a big fan base and a wonderful stadium.” Ingredients he thinks are needed to build a team for the future in Hamburg.

Hamburg is still in the building process. The sports director, Oliver Kreuz and coach Thorsten Fink have told three defenders to look for another club. They are Michael Mancienne,Slobodan Rajkovic and Paul Scharner. It is part of a restructuring process to reduce costs.

Fink is planning to stabilize the defence with Johan Djourou,Heiko Westermann and Lasse Sobiech.

Last season, the defence was the weak point. Conceding a whooping 9 goals against Bayern Munich!

Hamburg need to get its act together for the coming season.