Danny da Costa of Ingolstadt experience racism against 1860 Munich.

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picture courtesy of alliance

Racism reared its ugly head in the match Sunday between Ingolstadt and 1860 Munich. The victim was the German born Danny Da Costa of FC Ingolstadt. Some fans from 1860 Munich called him Nigger or black pig each time the ball came to him.

Da Costa told SID, “each time the ball came to my direction there were Monkey chants. That was a bad feeling.” The racist chants became too much that he had to inform the Referee Florian Meyer who put the situation under control.

The racist affair became a topic when Da Costa’s team mate,Ralph Gunesch, wrote on Facebook, “racism is not an opinion but a crime.” There were lots of like votes afterwards.

Da Costa thinks it is an isolated case.

The beauty of the Bundesliga up till now is the feeling of camaraderie of all races in the stadium. The officials should not allow some disgruntled fans to bring us back to another era.

1860 Munich has apologized to Da Costa. A fan has been identified and it is expected that he would be banned from the stadium.