Marc-André ter Stegen of Borussia Mönchengladbach speaks about his future.

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Marc-André ter Stegen

Marc-André ter Stegen, is a goalkeeper with lots of ambition. In an interview with WAZ that was posted in11 freunde, ter Stegen,spoke about his future among other things.

With regards to his future with Mönchengladbach, he plans to take a careful study of the offers that may come his way. He said, “we are in discussion on what might be the outcome of contract talks. One things is clear, i will listen interestingly to all offers including Mönchengladbach. Everything should stay internal.” He was not willing to commit himself to any statement that might be used in future against him. He did not deny the story about his move to Spain. He insists, that Mönchengladbach would be his first port of call. His agent will handle the talks and he is not ready to speculate.

However, he confessed that Mönchengladbach is close to his heart, adding, “i have been playing since age four for the club. I am happy to be a part of the team that is placing Mönchengladbach back to higher position in the Bundesliga. I hope that the cooperation remain cordial.”

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