Michael Wiesinger’s days are numbered at 1.FC Nuremberg.

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micheal wiesinger

The FC Nuremberg are in crisis after their 0-5 thrashing from Hamburg over the weekend. And the center of the crisis is the coach, Micheal Wiesinger. In eight matches in charge of the team this season, the club has not won any match.

It is clear, that the management of Nuremberg are planning to sack the coach for a fresh start. After the game against Hamburg, the sports director, Martin Bader, did not defend the coach in his usual fashion. He said, “today’s game was a heavy setback. We are going to work on it. We have two weeks to lick our wounds. These are deep wounds. We will always have a solution and this time, there would be a solution.”

It is highly speculated that the solution for FC Nuremberg at the moment is not the 40 year old Wiesinger. He is criticised for the system of play and the suspension of Hanno Balitsch.

Possible candidates to take his position in Nuremberg include Holger Stanislawski,Heiko Vogel, Nobert Meier or Lothar Mathaus.

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