Lukas Podolski relieved of captain arm band.

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It is official. After weeks of speculation,the new coach of 1.FC Cologne,Stale Solbakken, has named Pedro Geromel, as the new captain of the team. Geromel, takes over from Lukas Podolski.

The coach based his reason for the change as purely a move to distribute responsibilities. He said in a statement,”i can understand the reaction of fans on my decision. At the same time, let me appeal to the fans for understanding. Because the decision is for the whole team. Our goal is to achieve success in sports and distributing responsibilities on many shoulders.”

Poldoski was appointed captain by the former coach of Cologne, Frank Schaefer, last winter.

It is unclear, what will be the reaction of Podolski to the latest development. Because he clearly loved his leading position in the team as captain.

Update: Lukas Podolski expressed his disappointment through his Facebook posting to fans about the way he was demoted. He promised to respect the decision and be professional about it. He added,”I have a responsibility for the team, the fans and the city.”