Crisis in FC Augsburg as Micheal Thurk suspended.

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Micheal Thurk, a polarizing figure for newly promoted FC Augsburg has been suspended. FC Augsburg announced monday that the suspension was purely for sport reasons.

Thurk played an integral part towards the promotion of Augsburg to the first division. He is adored by fans but scorned by management.

After a three-man discussion between Thurk, Jos Luhukay,the coach,and managing director,Andreas Rettig,the decision was taken to suspend him with immediate effect.

Jos Luhukay has decided to change his 4-4-2 from last season. In the process, Thurk is surplus to requirements.

Fans of Augsburg are not taking the news lightly. There is already a Facebook campaign to bring him back.

I am shocked that the management of FC Augsburg decided to take this route. There is so much speculation about the real reasons for the suspension. Could it be the criticism from Thurk for not playing the FA Cup ?

Thurk wants to fulfill his contract and vowed to use his chance when it comes.