Jordan Torunarigha declines to play for Nigeria Super Eagles in Russia

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Jordan Torunarigha

Jordan Torunarigha is a highly talented German-Nigerian with a stark left foot. He has graduated through the ranks from Hertha’s youth team and he is revered for his astuteness in defence.

It is the reason why Nigeria’s Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr, and the Nigeria football federation(NFF) have been trying to convince him to play for Nigeria.

Nigeria’s pitch was that he could play an important role for the Super Eagles in Russia if he rejects Germany for Nigeria.

Jordan Torunarigha rejects Nigeria

According to reports from B.Z, Jordan has informed Gernot Rohr about his decision through his agent, Tomas Zorn, “I recently called the Nigerian coach, Gernot Rohr, and explained to him that Jordan would continue to play for Germany in the future. He thought it was a pity, but he understood.“

Jordan, also said to the German paper, “The opportunity to play for Nigeria at the World Cup would, of course, have honoured me. After all, my father played for this country, too.”

“However, it quickly became clear to me that I wanted to prove myself to the DFB. I’m new to the U21 and I really want to assert myself there.”

Gernot Rohr is searching for Nigerian talents in the Bundesliga with an attractive pitch to play at the world cup in Russia.

However, it does not sound right to look for talents at this stage of the preparation for the world cup.

Jordan Torunarigha, born in Chemnitz has decided to dump Nigeria for personal reasons. Gernot Rohr should seek players who are ready and able to play for the Super Eagles without a fuss.

I wish him luck!