Breel Embolo

Breel Embolo flouts COVID-19 rules

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Breel Embolo is in the news for the wrong reasons. According to WAZ , Embolo faced accusation of attending a party with over 20 people. There was no social distancing observed, and nobody wore masks. The loud music disturbed the neighbours. Next the police came to end the party.

Borussia Mönchengladbach reacted to Embolo’s flouting of COVID rules by banning him from the squad against Werder Bremen today.

Embolo’s take on the incident

WAZ reported the incident based on police references. However, there is a new twist to the story.

Embolo released his account of the incident on Instagram:

Embolo's message

A summary in English:

Saturday night, after he returned from the game against Stuttgart, Embolo went with a friend to Essen. And the mission was to watch a basketball game. He denied that he attended a party. Rather, the apartment he stayed was close to the party. The police came to the apartment and checked his identity.

Lessons learned?

Embolo is the third captain of Gladbach. As a leader and professional player, he exercised poor judgement. Discipline on and off the field are necessary prerequisites to thrive in sports.

Despite the discrepancies in the story, at least, Embolo is contrite. He calls the incident a “stupid mistake”.

Embolo should watch the company that he keeps. The incident created what Germans call a Bringschuld. It is not enough to pay a fine. As a mark of penance, he should double down on his goal poaching skills whenever he gets back to the team.

Gladbach fans should offer Embolo a helping hand. No use rejecting him.

Embolo can join team training again,  if he tests negative for COVID-19.

The lockdown has upended our lives. Many are experiencing  COVID-19 fatigue with every report of new infections. The least we can do is stay away from the raucous atmosphere that negates COVID-19 rules. Hopefully, Embolo will learn fast while the sun shines.