Bakery Jatta of Hamburg is not a fake!

Bakery Jatta has been through a lot since the Sport Bild article that questioned his identity. It was a heinous campaign to discredit an illustrious citizen from the Gambia.   It led to protests from teams playing against Hamburg whenever Jatta was on the lineup. Prominent among them are Karlsruhe, Bochum and Nuremberg. They launched […]

Clemens Tönnies has violated Schalke’s ethos and he should permanently step down.

  Clemens Tönnies is the head of the supervisory board of Schalke. A position with responsibility and honour. His opinion on any issue is highly regarded and attracts attention.   Unfortunately, Tönnies latest statement at a trade and commerce meeting in Paderborn has generated a seismic shift against him. He said in clear terms, “Instead […]