How match week 33 in the Bundesliga could decide the winner

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There are two games remaining this season to determine Bundesliga winners of the meisterschale. However, a winner could emerge this weekend. It depends on some variables.

If Bayern beat Leipzig and Augsburg beat Dortmund, then Bayern is 2023 winners. Dortmund will pray for a potent Leipzig to inflict pain on Bayern while they beat Augsburg away. This permutation is contingent on either the home team (Bayern) taking their chances or the away team (Dortmund) seizing the day.

Another variable is the effect of other games played on Friday and Saturday before penultimate Sunday. Since last season, week 33 games are no longer played simultaneously. Last season, DFL changed the scheduling of week 33 games to be played over the weekend in order to attract broadcast time and more money. They changed the scheduling so that only the week 34 games will be played simultaneously.

Let the best team with the skills to withstand tension and play to instruction win the meisterschale.