VfL Bochum: The story of an underdog

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The landmark of Bochum, apart from the university, is the VfL Bochum. Bochum has witnessed a roller coaster ride from the top flight to the lower league. Presently, they stand the chance of remaining in the Bundesliga for another year. Interestingly, Bochum has to contend with the smallest budget to compete this season.

This is further emphasized when managing director IIja Kaenzig of Bochum said in NZZ, a Swiss paper, “Bochum is originally a place of the hard worker, we write here a story of the underdogs.” A team with little resources to survive the rigors of the Bundesliga is not a minor feat.

In Bochum, soccer is a people’s sport. “Football is serious business in the Ruhr area and has a big impact on people’s personal lives. There are many people for whom victory or defeat decides what their week looks like,” he said.

I like the credo of Bochum: not to sell their soul to the highest bidder. If they build on the momentum they already have, the sky could be the limit.