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Bundesliga and entrance music

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Imagine you made your way to any of the Bundesliga stadiums on time before the kickoff. The first thing you will notice, apart from vibrant fans, is the entrance music of the home team played with players holding the hands of children to the pitch. What I am getting at is the einlaufmusik culture in the Bundesliga with einlaufkinder. There is variety and adds color to the event.

The author of an article in Rheinische Post rated the 18 songs of the Bundesliga. The rating is subjective and does not diminish the acceptance and recognition of the songs to fans.

The following songs got 10 points from 10:

  • Hertha BSC- Frank Zander: “Nur nach Hause.”
  • VfL Bochum-Herbert Grönemeyer: “Bochum.”
  • Union Berlin-Nina Hagen: “Eisern Union.”
  • FC Cologne-Höhner: “Mer stonn zu dir FC Kölle.”

    Interestingly, Wolfsburg, Frankfurt and Augsburg share the same music from Alan Parsons Project, titled, “Sirius.”

    Schalke’s song, “Whatever you want” by Status Quo and Bayern Munich’s “Music” by John Miles, got the lowest points.