FC St. Pauli

FC St. Pauli opposes DFL investor plans

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The plan by the German football league (DFL) to attract investors has hit a snag. Second division team, FC St. Pauli is against it.

Under the plan, the DFL plan to sell 12,5% media rights of the Bundesliga to a capital investor for over 20 years. The deal is worth two billion Euro.

St. Pauli’s president, Oke Goettlich believes DFL has not answered some fundamental questions. Missing is a joint strategy and calls for more time to critically look at the issue and maybe discuss an alternative model.

Goettlich, who is also a member of the DFL, emphasizes that an investor can only be subject to debate, “if it is clear what would be done with the money and the status quo will not be maintained were it is unfairly distributed and in the process the competition is destroyed,” he said in German television, NDR Sportclub in February.

The DFL plan needs the approval of at least 24 of the 36 Bundesliga clubs for it to be successful.