Weder Bremen exit Champions league to face battle for survival in the Bundesliga.

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Weder Bremen a club noted for attractive football is struggling this season. They lost their champions league match against Tottenham Hotspur yesterday by 3-0.

The problems Weder Bremen are facing is multifaceted.

Firstly, the defense is missing Naldo. The current center backs of Sebastian Prödl and Mertesacker are not up to the task.

Secondly,the attack lack coordinated arsenal from the likes of Diego or Mesut Özil.

Weder Bremen’s exit from German FA cup, and Champions league mean they will not participate in international soccer next year.

Thomas Schaaf, the manager of the team is acting on borrowed time. Thomas Schaaf’s contract will end in June 2012, will it be renewed ? Suddenly, he is no longer untouchable. He is the manager of Weder Bremen for 11 years.

Although Klaus Allofs, is of the opinion that there is no better alternative to Thomas Schaaf, adding, “if we decide to confront the problem, it will be based on pressure instead of conviction.” We all know in the Bundesliga that job guarantees without performance is non-existent.

The 0-4 loss to Schalke has raised alarm bells in the city-state. Ralph Honigstein is already talking of the end of an era

Weder Bremen badly need stability and innovation in defense and attack. It is the antidote against further defeats this season.