Schalke thrashed in Kaiserslautern. Felix Magath is not amused.

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How can one explain the current performance of schalke in the Bundesliga ? They are top in the champions league but flop in the Bundesliga. Their last match against Kaiserslautern in Betzenberg was a 0-5 humilation by Kaiserslautern.

The champions league may be the zenith of football but the Bundesliga is the height of egalitarianism. There are no longer big or small teams. Schalke has learnt a bitter lesson.

The last time Schalke lost by 0-5 margin was 19 years ago against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Felix Magath, the manager of Schalke is disappointed at the performance of the team. He said,”it is not explainable how a team that played in the champions league with only a change of position,three days later perform so poorly.” He promised there would be consequences. Already he has shortened the christmas holiday of the players.

Manuel Neuer, the goalkeeper who picked the ball five times from the net has already sound alarm bells. He said,”if we play every game like this, we would be relegated.”

Magath is under pressure to take drastic actions to avoid a repeat performance next time. A look at their next opponents in the league are no push over. Schalke will play against Bayern Munich, Mainz and Cologne.

Schalke fans are losing their patience. Some fans on saturday were already calling for “Magath raus”(Magath must go)

Marco Kurz, the manager of Kaiserslautern complemented his players for a wonderful performance, “we played with so much passion and heart.”

History will judge Magath, if his Wolfsburg model will ultimately work in Schalke. Sadly,time is not on his side.

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