Javier Pinola suspended for four matches by German FA

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The Bavarian derby between FC Nuremberg and FC Bayern Munich on Sunday was overshadowed by the incident between Javier Pinola and Bastian Schweinsteiger. The Argentine player, Javier Pinola, nicknamed “Pino” spat at Bastian Schweinsteiger in the first half.

The referee of the match,Thorsten Kinhoefer, did not notice the incident in the 43rd minute. However, video evidence was used by the German FA to suspend Pinola for four matches.

According to FC Nuremberg web site, the club accepts the judgement of the German FA. Also,the sport department of FC Nuremberg expressed their displeasure at Pinola’s ungentlemanly act. Pinola was fined by FC Nuremberg for an undisclosed sum.

Javier Pinola in his reaction said, ” I am sorry for bringing the team and the club in disrepute. I am a role model for kids, therefore, I am donating a part of the fine for social institutions that help children.”

It was reported that Pinola had already called Schweinsteiger of Bayern Munich, and apologized.

In the heat of the moment on the pitch, players do react differently. Spitting on a player is clearly a sign of disrespect and condescending attitude.

It makes me wonder, what was Pinola thinking ?

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