Paolo Guerrero strikes off the field.

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The climax of a lackluster match between Hamburg SV(HSV) and Hannover 96 in Hamburg on Sunday that finished in a 0-0 draw, was Paolo Guerrero’s action off the pitch. He struck a spectator with a water bottle as he left the pitch.

It was alleged that Paolo was irked by the spectator who told him to go back to Peru. Incidentally, the spectator is a Hamburg fan.

Lately, Hamburg fans have been angry with the poor results of the team. Hamburg manager, Bruno Labbadia, and the players are under pressure to qualify for Europa league position in the league.

Paolo Guerrero could be trying to “express himself” amid tension between expectation and reality on the pitch. However, it does not justify his conduct.

He has apologized for his behaviour claiming, “I had a blackout,” he said on the club website. Also, “I was insulted and I over-reacted. “I am incredibly sorry. I hope that I get the opportunity to apologize personally to the spectator concerned.”

It is speculated that HSV fined him between 50,000-100,000 Euros. Guerrero, could comfortably pay the fine, but what happens to his reputation ?

The clash between the fan and Gurrero opens a new chapter in the annals of the Bundesliga. There has never been a precedent.

The German football association(DFB), and the state prosecutors are investigating the incident. We have not heard the last word yet.