Felix Magath leads VFL Wolfsburg to mediocrity.

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What does it take to be in the starting line up for VFL Wolfsburg on match day is still a mystery that only Felix Magath knows. The team has seen a fair number of rotations.

It has led to insecurity among the players and it shows in the style of play. The players do not play from a position of strength anymore and critics are beginning to wonder, if Magath is the right man for the job.

Take Patrick Helmes, who was banned from the team not so long ago by Magath. Only to be reactivated in the second half of the season. The reason given by Magath for his initial axing was poor commitment to training.

Likewise,Mario Mandzukic, who is the highest goal getter this season for Wolfsburg, was not on the bank in the humiliating defeat to Hoffenheim on Saturday.

Felix Magath popularly known as Qualix because of his tough training methods has become a player agent’s dream of a manager. In Wolfsburg, money is in abundant supply. And Magath has invested heavily in buying players without success on the league table.

The goals of Volkswagen, the financier of Wolfsburg to play in the European league can not be reached this season. Rather, they have settled for mediocrity.

Alarm bells are not ringing yet from the top echelon of VFL Wolfsburg. But how long will the fans confront a team that has no clear cut pattern of play or identity ?