Science meets Bundesliga.

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Each time the Bundesliga season begins, FC Bayern Munich is always the team regarded with the potential to win the league. It is a star studded side with players of high caliber. Not surprisingly, many people seem to loath the club for its bragging rights as champions.

A Physics professor, Andreas Heuer of the University of Munster, not to be left out in the business of predicting potential winners has come up with a formula after 20 years of studying Bundesliga history. The good news for Bayern Munich fans, is that there is a probability of 55% that Bayern will be champions. The professor did add that it is not full proof. It is based on mathematical probabilities.

Bayer Leverkusen are also potential league champions this season. It is not a given that Bayern will be champions. The race to determine the winner has become interesting with different twist and turns.

Is it a coincidence that history and science seem to favor Bayern Munich to win the league this year ? Time will tell.