Kevin Prince Boateng confronts racism head on

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Kevin Prince Boateng

Kevin Prince Boateng is a warrior with a cause. He has found a voice after his bad boy image revamp.

Boateng speaks of issues that are oblivious to a cross-section of the public-racism.

The former Black stars of Ghana player has been confronting both the visible and invisible scourge of racism on and off the pitch.

Kevin Prince Boateng’s campaign

Not too long ago, while playing for AC Milan against a fourth division team, Pro Patria, in a friendly, Boateng walked off the pitch in the 26th minute due to racist provocation. His singular act garnered praise.

Since he gave a speech on racism at the united nations, things have not changed for the better. Rather, it has gotten worse for black players.

Recently Boateng publicly supported French national player, Blaise Matuidi, of Juventus Turin who was racially abused by fans of Cagliari Calcio in an away game.

The H&M advert with a black person who wore a pullover with the inscription,”Coolest monkey in the jungle”, caught Boateng’s attention also. He thinks it is an attempt to ridicule black people.

In a conversation with jetzt magazine, Boateng said, “It is not enough to show a ‘No to racism’ video before Champions League matches. It’s not enough to wear a T-shirt with ‘No racism’ on and off, or ‘We show racism the red card’ ”

Boateng won an award from radio 1Live in December for his campaign against racism.

Radical solution

Boateng suggests in Focus that video evidence should be used in the stands to check racism.

“Why do not we use this technique so that every racist screamer is identified and thrown out and never allowed back into the stadium?”

Boateng is thinking of forming a group to fight racism. He wants to translate his words into more action.

Racism has been in sports and everyday life for ages. The likes of Kevin Prince Boateng, who has devoted his career to bringing it in the headlines should be commended.