Fredi Bobic

Fredi Bobic’s departure from Eintracht Frankfurt hits a snag

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Fredi Bobic announced his intention to leave Eintracht Frankfurt sometime ago. The supervisory board of Frankfurt met to ponder on the issue. After a five-hour discussion that was termed constructive and amiable, the seven-member board decided not to end his contract. The board reinforced the fact that his contract until 2023 is binding.

Bobic in a U-turn has promised to honor his pending contract.

In an era where contracts are not immutable, the supervisory board is sending clear signals that Bobic can not eat his cake and have it. So what happens next? In an opinion piece in Frankfurter Rundschau, about the issue, the writer terms Bobic as the loser in a power struggle. It is a matter of style, loyalty and trust.

A door open

The speculation in German media about a potential move of Bobic to Berlin remains on the table. With a serious offer, the head of the supervisory board, Philip Holzer will negotiate the deal. The question is, how much money is enough to change the minds of Frankfurt to let Bobic leave? HR reports the price is around five million Euro.

Bobic’s successful five-year reign in Frankfurt has been unsullied. Maybe his image might take a dent after the issue is over soon. Bobic has proved to be a risk taker and always on the lookout for challenges. Frankfurt is just a footnote in Bobic’s stellar career.

However, for contracts in the Bundesliga to have credibility, Eintracht Frankfurt is showing the way where others will buckle under pressure, and it is a welcome relief. The blithe disregard for contracts has been a never ending topic lately. It is fair to seek greener pastures, if the conditions are suitable, but before you make a public statement about contract termination like Bobic did, you need to read the dotted lines first.