Can Gerald Asamoah make the cut at Schalke 04 under Felix Magath ?

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The career of a soccer player is subject to variation. Sometimes, it is like a Roller-coaster. Gerald Asamoah is a veteran of so many battles. Most times, he survived the battles unscathed. But this time, can he survive the tough scrutiny of Felix Magath, popularly known as qualix ?

FC Schalke 04, took part in T-Home-Cup, last weekend with dismal results. They lost to FC Bayern and VFB Stuttgart. Conspicuously missing in the lineup for Schalke 04 was Gerald Asamoah.

Magath,justified his absence with the excuse that he had some shortfalls. He also said in Der Westen, “If Asa  is not so good in an area, then he must work extra hard.” Is it a prelude for more things to come ?

Asamoah has a contract till 2011. He is the oldest serving player at Schalke. Presently, he has to contend for a place in the team with 4 other strikers.

No matter the outcome of his present battle, Asamoah’s service for Schalke through the years is no mediocre attribute.