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Bundesliga weekly vol.8: Mainz players end strike

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Mainz players embarked on a strike and called it off after ugly drama, David Wagner sacked in Schalke and a record from Faroe Islands in the Bundesliga. Welcome to the Bundesliga weekly.

Mainz players end strike

This week there was an ugly incident in Mainz between players and management over the Hungarian, Adam Szalai. The players went on strike to protest the suspension of Szalai, who was told to train with the U-23 team. It is unclear if Szalai’s suspension is purely on sport reasons alone.

The version of Mainz’s management goes that Szalai is surplus to requirements, and he should look for another club. According to coach, Achim Beierlorzer, “We have released Adam to look for a club, because we want to give young players more space to develop. We told him this after the last game of the past season, and the decision not to have him in training had to do with us not wanting to get into conflicts.”

The conflict Mainz was trying to avoid occurred because the players were angry about the method of communication. Apart from poor communication, are money disagreements the actual issue? An opinion piece in Süddeutsche Zeitung did not shy away from the key aspect-money.

The players ended their strike during the week after a heated discussion with management. Will the players put the drama behind them and concentrate on their game or the morale of the team is in an all-time low? The results on the pitch will tell the story.

David Wagner sacked in Schalke

The news from Schalke’s press release on the termination of David Wagner’s contract did not come as a surprise for many. The results speak volumes about Wagner’s performance at Schalke. 18 Bundesliga games without a win, and they’ve already conceded 11 goals in two games this season.

Schalke will announce a replacement in the coming days.

Joan Simun Edmundsson

The first goal scorer from Faroe Islands in the Bundesliga is Joan Simun Edmundsson of Bielefeld. He scored against Cologne at home, the winner in the 78th minute (1-0).