Bundesliga players and a coach join the common goal initiative.

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Common goal

Footballers are known for their flashy lifestyle. They live a life of luxury but many lack meaning in their lives. Enter Juan Mata, the Manchester United player, who pledged on social media, that he would donate one percent of his salary to high-impact football charities around the world, as part of the common goal initiative. Mata’s gesture has resonated with many players and a coach in the Bundesliga.

Mats Hummels of Bayern Munich was the first Bundesliga player to commit to the common goal initiative. Hummels said in the common goal initiative website, ” I have a feeling that we can do more with the increasing earnings in football connected to a deeper meaning. This is a chance for football to better the world and i want to be part of it.”

The next Bundesliga player to join is Serge Gnabry of Hoffenheim, who said in Kicker, “I have thought about the topic for a long time. My father comes from Africa, whoever has experienced at close range the problems, knows how necessary help is needed.” Gnabry has not forgotten his African roots.

Dennis Aogo of Stuttgart, joined the initiative with a mission to donate more than one percent. In fact, he is donating two percent of his salary. Aogo: “I’ve been looking for a way to feel purposeful and effective for some time now and Common Goal meets all of these criteria. Above all, the collective approach is what inspires me.”

Another important figure to join the common goal initiative is Hoffenheim’s dynamic coach, Julian Nagelsmann, who is destined for great things.

There is so much money circulating in football and it is quite impressive and worthwhile for players to give back to causes they find interesting. Come to think of it ,one percent might be infinitesimal to some, but it goes a long way in assisting in projects, leading to common goals and ideas.