Ryan Gravenberch

Ryan Gravenberch contemplates a departure from Bayern

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There is nothing more frustrating for a player with ambition than to sit on the bench. Ryan Gravenberch currently plays a nominal role in the team’s exploits.

The 18,5 million Euro signing from Ajax Amsterdam expressed his frustration in Ajax Showtime. “I had definitely hoped and also expected to play more at FC Bayern. So far, it has not worked out as expected.”

Gravenberch summarizes the situation like this, “Ideally, I would like to be successful at Bayern. But if that doesn’t work out and I don’t get any opportunities, then maybe I should look elsewhere.”

He opines, “For me, this season is just the first season where I’m struggling and can’t play much. As a player, you also get better through experiences like this. I’m still very young and I’m glad that I’m experiencing something like this now and not later in my career.”

Bayern Munich has saturated its midfield position with stars who have more experience. Gravenberch should wait for his time under Thomas Tuchel. Maybe his fortunes could turn around.