Jabulani and Vuvuzela takes center stage as the world cup begins in South Africa.

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When referee Ravshan Irmatov from Uzbekistan, blast the whistle on Friday to commence the world cup as host South Africa play against Mexico, all eyes and ears would be focused on the Jabulani and Vuvuzela in equal measure. Because the Jabulani and Vuvuzela could define the world cup moments in South Africa.

Jabulani is the special FIFA world cup ball produced by Adidas for tournament. The ball has attracted lots of criticisms from players. Adidas replied critics that the ball was tested and approved.

Criticism of the world cup ball is as old as the tournament. Klaus Wille of Der Westen believes it is much ado about nothing. He wrote, “the Jabulani is a ball that has the latest technology of all times.” He remembered there were also criticism of Etrusco Unico, the world cup ball that was used in Italy ‘90.

Vuvuzela is like a horn that is popularly used in South Africa during football matches.This is South Africa is calling for a world wide Vuvuzela flash mob on Friday.

Some of the teams in South Africa are not amused about the Vuvuzela. They complain that the “noise” from the Vuvuzela distorts concentration and communication on the field.

No matter the criticisms of the coming world cup in South Africa, Samuel Eto’o of Cameroon sums up the views of Africans this way:

"Most people only see Africa in terms of poverty and war, famine and disease. But this World Cup gives us the chance to show something different. I think the whole world is going to be really surprised by Africa. This could be the best World Cup in history."

I hope his prediction comes to fruition.

Picture:courtesy of Adidas