Helpless Zorniger lose against stark Augsburg.

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ZornigerPhoto Marijan Murat

It is no longer news that FC Augsburg came to Stuttgart to beat VFB Stuttgart 4-0.Rather the way and manner that Stuttgart lost speak volumes about the tactics of Alexander Zorniger,the coach of Stuttgart.FC Augsburg dominated play from the start of the match to the end.

VFB Stuttgart players did not show will and drive to turn the fortunes around. The defense was lacking in structure,midfield made numerous faulty passes and the attack did not bite yesterday at the Daimler stadium.Florian Klein of Stuttgart said,”i have the feeling for the first time this season that we have failed.”These are no ordinary words to describe the performance of the team.Even Zorniger, in his reaction to the desaster,”we need a few days to work on the loss.”

Fact is, Stuttgart is in the relegation zone and Zorniger has to do maybe the ‘impossible’ task of turning the fortunes around.His job is not in danger but for how long ? The sports director,Robin Dutt,is still in favor of keeping Zorniger and analysing the games they have played so far.

The stats in defense reveal a desolate department conceeding 31 goals in 13 games.It is one of the worst in the Bundesliga this season.

Stuttgart fans reacted in a sarcastic manner in the stadium and at the end of the match, they did not fail to vent their frustration on the players.

Zorniger has a lot of work to do. However, time might be runnig out on him.