FC Augsburg struggling to stay in the Bundesliga.

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When FC Augsburg got promoted to the Bundesliga, nobody expected them to dominate the league.The Bundesliga has reached a crucial phase this season and FC Augsburg is at the bottom of the league table. Alarm bells are ringing in Augsburg because of the desolate performance of the team.

The president of FC Augsburg,Walther Seinsch, in a chat with Augsburg press club elucidated the reasons for the poor performance. He blamed the transfer politics of the manager of the club, Andreas Rettig, for the club’s last position in the league. Also, the team got promoted to the Bundesliga late. Therefore, the club could not secure the services of key players on time. FC Augsburg could not extend the contract of Ibrahim Traore or Markus Feulner. Neither was the club able to grab important players in the market.

Contrary to popular opinion, FC Augsburg does not have finacial problems to secure necessary players to boost the club. Rather, Andreas Rettig with his conservative transfer politics could not secure the wind of change needed by the club. Already Andreas Rettig has accepted blame for his conservative decision.

The contracts of so many players are up for renewal. I hope FC Augsburg can get its act together during the winter break.