BVB Dortmund and Union Berlin are disgruntled over the Bundesliga fixtures for 2019/2020

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Bundesliga fixtures 2019/2020


The Bundesliga fixtures for 2019/2020 season was released recently. Despite the good intentions of DFL(German football league) responsible for the fixtures, it dissatisfies some teams with the plan. Prominent among them are BVB Dortmund and Union Berlin.


The reasons for discontent


Dortmund’s sports director, Michael Zorc, described the plan as “decidedly suboptimal”,in Ruhr Nachrichten. Because Dortmund will play away games in the Bundesliga after all the six group games in the UEFA champions league.


“Everyone familiar with stress control and travel planning knows what the consequences are,” Zorc said.


In comparison, Bayern will play in the Bundesliga after all group games in the Champions league on weekends at home.


Last season, Dortmund had five home games in the Bundesliga after their games in Champions league and played only an away game. While Bayern played five times away and once at home. It is a reversal this time.


Also, Union Berlin’s manager, Oliver Ruhnert,said in BILD, that the fixtures are, “unbalanced. On the first nine days, we have to play against six international teams.” Point of note: Their opening match is against RB Leipzig.


“I wouldn’t like that, because then another topic and different things would come into focus.”


Given the many engagements of all teams, it is difficult, if not impossible, for the DFL to satisfy all. I expect the teams to be stoic about the fixtures and get with the program without a fuss.