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Bundesliga Weekly Vol.2

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Amid the speculation about the future of Jordan Sancho in Dortmund, Hans-Joachim Watzke, the boss of Dortmund, confirmed the statement of Michael Zorc, during the week that Sancho is going nowhere, “Sancho’s stay at BVB set in stone.”

The rumour industry about transfers thrives on speculation and hearsay without concrete facts. Until there is an offer made for Sancho, I bet the rumours will continue.

DFL Covid-19 concept rejected

The return of fans under strict guidelines as reported last week met rejection by the association of health ministers (GMK). The leader of GMK, Berlin health senator, Dilek Kalayci, said, “reached a unanimous position that, given the current pandemic situation, we are not in favour of opening the stadiums.”

Earlier the federal minister of health, Jens Spahn, said on Twitter, “Thousands of spectators in the stadiums – that doesn’t fit with the current infection level.” and stating categorically, “In the present situation, spectators in the stands would be the wrong signal.”

The health ministers are conscientious in their approach for the return of fans in the current pandemic situation. Many states are preparing for the second wave of Covid-19.

However, the DFL is working behind the scene to prepare the clubs for the eventual green light from politicians. There is a task force of the DFL who are working on a paper titled, “the feature of professional football” and they expect to give more details in September.

Dani Olmo of Leipzig joins common goal

Common goal is a movement that attracts top football earners to donate 1% of their yearly income towards combating social problems and tensions. The Spanish player of RB Leipzig, has identified with the cause. He explained, “as professionals who make money from football, we are not only in a privileged situation but also have enormous opportunities to use our influence to contribute to a more tolerant and peaceful world”

He hopes his salary donation will go a long way to assist people still suffering from the effects of Croatia war. “Unfortunately, in many places there are still ethnic conflicts that need resolving so that people in the Balkans can live in equality and peace,” he added.

In an era where some professional footballers dwell in insular thinking and extravagant lifestyle, Olmo’s initiative is a breath of fresh air.

Other notable ambassadors of Common goal in the Bundesliga are Serge Gnabry, Julian Nagelsmann, Dennis Aogo, and Mats Hummels.

Cologne makes a statement for tolerance

An ex-member of Cologne sent a letter to the club stating his reasons behind his “withdrawal from the religious community 1. FC Cologne”. The current Cologne jersey has the skyline of Cologne with the graphics of the Cologne dome, Rhein and mosque. The ex member does not want to identify with Muslims or the mosque. Cologne officials welcomed his exit from the club.

The ex member also suspected in future that Cologne will wear pink jerseys in their quests for perfect cosmopolitanism. Cologne thanked him for the tip and presented a jersey in pink.

Cologne referred to the club’s charter on Twitter, which contains the mission statement of the club that emphasizes shared values and norms between the club, members and fans. It states, “We want tolerance, fairness, openness and respect – always and everywhere.”

We live in politically charged times, where intolerance, racism and discrimination continue to rear its ugly head. Cologne is sending a message that you can be a Muslim, foreigner or whatever as long as you share the norms and values of the club’s mission statement you are welcome.

Stephan Lichtsteiner ends career with Augsburg

Stephan Lichtsteiner has played top flight football for Juventus, Lazio and Arsenal. His last port of call was Augsburg. Lichtsteiner’s contract did not get a renewal for the coming season, and the 36-year-old player has ended his career.

Lichtsteiner said in a Switzerland FA communication, “I played at a high level until I was 36. Now it’s time to take an alternative path. It was a cool time, and I really enjoyed it.”

Lichtsteiner played 20 games in the Bundesliga for Augsburg.

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